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Bathtub Books, LLC (Durango, Colorado)

Bathtub Books is an Independent publisher of Bootleg paperbacks and Underground comix. Send queries to in the form of a letter explaining your project and publishing goals. We will respond whether we like your big idea or not, but it will most likely take us a while.

Meanwhile, get involved by daytripping on over to our facebook page. Feel free to fondle the 'like' button, because it makes us feel happy and creative and good and productive.  And we appreciate it very much.

Who is Bathtub Books ?!?

Jennifer F. Knight

Jennifer Knight is a Colorado-based freelance writer of narrative nonfiction with a full-time job in the solar industry. In the second quarter of 2017, she became managing member of an Independent publishing house in Durango called Bathtub Books. Before that, she studied rhetoric and writing at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs where she inadvertently became hooked on literature, music, comedy, weed, freedom and the American dream.  Jennifer is also an ordained Dudeist priest. Knight can be reached by email or astral projection. She prefers astral projection.


Born rather too long ago on the oft frozen prairies of Manitoba, Roldo nonetheless became a musician, actor, writer, and more to the immediate point, cartoonist. And not just a cartoonist but an Underground cartoonist, having been published (albeit only once) by Last Gasp Eco-Funnies.

After a brief trip to California he returned home enthused with the idea of drawing comix and produced the five-issue "Snafu Funnies" and some other titles under the TOOF-ARG-ON Comix Worx banner. He also crafted numerous illustrations for the Discordian Society's various publications. After a lengthy absence from graphics he met Jennifer and took up the pen again.


KdOG was first imagined during a business trip from Durango to Denver for the fifth annual THC Championship in colorful Colorado. Jennifer and her driver stopped by a retail marijuana dispensary. Each paved space along the eastern side of the building held a metal sign urging customers to "Keep Dogs Off Grass." Thanks to a twisted sense of humor and 100mg of THC, administered in one ridiculous dose via ten (10) Green Hornet Gummies by Cheeba Chews, KdOG was born, inked by Roldo for the first time in 2017 and setup as a recurring character for the duo's legalization-based column, Yes and Know.